The White Canvas

I am trying to approach my first blog post as unceremonious as possible and the moment before I leave work for lunch on Thursday seems about right. As a visual artist words usually aren’t the first tools I use when I want to convey a message but lately my desire to share my thoughts/advice on becoming and being designer in NYC have lead me here.

After hiring a string of designers to help to staff up our growing art department lead to varying degrees of success I wanted to reflect as to why. Why did some people work out and some did not? Why what I thought of as basic designer fundamentals were such a struggle for some? Was I unable and unwilling to see the new generation as boundary pushers instead of just being difficult?

Since most of us need a 9-5 to survive I saw a lack of blogs discussing best practices for creative conduct in an office setting and instead mostly saw blogs focused on how to launch your solo creative career. Not wanting to trounce anyone’s intent to strike out on their own because we all need our separate creative space I thought this blog could include both. My personal life experiences greatly effect my work achievements and I usually return to work from traveling fully inspired and ready to go! Time away from the computer is just as important as time in front (a philosophy I have extolled to a many art supervisor). Also at this point of my career I would have just as much advice for “management” as I do for newbies.

I look forward to sharing my design successes as well as my “what was I thinking” projects with the intention of creative growth and to start what will hopefully be a fun and educational conversation. I have been lucky met a lot of uber talented designers/artists over the years and adding their perspective gives depth to areas and industry where I am lacking.

Oh and of course outfits, travel, and decor—not everything is work!

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