Italy 2017 (the first musings of a trip)

We received our invitation to my husband’s good college friend’s wedding in Italy about two months ago now. We booked our tickets in and out of Milan (the wedding is in Rivera) and thats about it. Planning has since not gotten back on track. Wait that is not totally true as I just order the below Terminal 1 Rolling Carry-on!

I purchased it in cream with brown edging. I skipped the monogramming (might try it on my own at a later date). Of course it is back ordered and is scheduled to arrive about 3 weeks before our trip. Hopefully I am not cutting it as close I currently feel that I am. I try to pack light no matter where I go—the fun part being bringing home all the new purchases.  However packing for a 9 day trip including the city, the shore and a wedding might be pushing it a bit (in this case rolling it). Had anyone taken on this challenge and been successful?  I guess I would learn just as much from the mis-packs. So far I have been scouring Pinterest and Bloglovin for inspiration and tips. Have a link that might be helpful for me please share!

Mark and Graham Terminal 1 Carry-on

As you can see from the below I am literally all over the map when it comes to planning our trip. I think now I am coming to terms with not being able to make the Almafi coast and just staying up by Venice and furthest south would Tuscany.

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