Day Trip to Holland Ridge Farms

Holland Ridge Farm Sunflower Fields

Living in Jersey City there is a certain amount of miles in a radius of the city that my husband is willing to drive on the weekends without making a fuss. Luckily for us Holland Ridge Farms fall within that range (7A on the turnpike) and only about a 6 minute drive once we got off the exit.

The Sunflower Festival is a pretty popular event and I would recommend purchasing your tickets in advance, as this was a particularly warm day and standing in the sun for another minute on a line would not be fun. We used our mobile ticket and breezed right in.

As soon as you get passed the lines there are barns and beyond that the fields. People are passing by with their arms filled with huge bouquets of flowers—did I mention each flower is a $1 a steam? Huge sunflowers as many as you can carry! In the fields there are buckets that contain sheers and black bins for you to keep your traysures! PROTIP here next time I would  bring some extra water for the bin so that that flowers don’t wilt as much. The sunflowers made it home fun but some of the Dahlias I can’t say the same for.

We started taking pictures at 4pm and already had a bunch of keepers by 4:30. The farms closes at 6pm so those last two magic lighting hours are key! There are so many rows of flowers no need to worry about other people getting your shots—theres plenty of room for everyone. Kids welcome dogs are not. Bees keep to themselves.

We stayed till 6 and throughly had a great time! All the flowers we picked were $14!!! There was a live music which was pretty amazing to have soundtrack as you peruse through the flowers.


ARRIVAL: Pictured Above (Will – Husband, Friend- Rachel {ie the Chickologist})


Oh and its a great place to take Pregnancy Photos too! {Top Free People, Hair Scrunchie Free People, Maternity Shorts Old Navy


What was that? We look cute? {earrings Vanessa Mooney Hearts)


Oh Lean In!


Almost lost my balance here. Not use to being so front heavy!


These are Keepers!

yellow center sunflowers

Sunflower Fields - Holland Ridge Farms

sunflower fields

Time for our Close Up! Zoom in and you can see Rachel taking the pic in Will’s sunglasses!


There are different heights to the flowers—they plant at different times so there are always blooming flowers!


Our Clipper!


Our Bounty! Bag {Vintage Gucci}


Oh and did I mention they have Dahlias??


A sneak peek behind the scenes of the Chickologist Mocktail Shoot!


Remember all these flowers were only $14!!! And yes there was an outfit change in the tall sunflower fields! {Printed Floral Jumper from Old Navy}


Sunflowers at home! If you look closely you can spot the dahlias in the background.  

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